When writing text messages, it is a little bit difficult for us to express our true feelings and desires. That is why some creative geniuses have come up with the idea of creating and using images or icons to help people express their sentiments even though they are communicating through an electronic device.

The images or icons that we are referring to is the emoji. It is basically built into the handsets or computers that we are using. We just simply choose from a list of available emoji’s and send it to the person that we are communicating.

The use of the emoji is a practical way of showing someone who is very far away from us how we truly feel, and this is also a good way to be able to tell them our ideas by means of the small digital icons that we are sending them.

There is a wide range of emoji to choose from. It includes various smileys which are used when we want to let the receiver know our emotions, whether we are happy, sad, angry, etc. It may also include different signs and symbols, pictures of various things such as food, animals, and many other characters.

By means of these digital images, we are able to make our text messages much more colorful and meaningful unlike before when we are only able to send pure text and words. It is indeed a very effective and innovative idea that has exemplified our way of communicating through text messages.

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