Emoji has been a part of our daily electronic communication. This is because they are images or icons which represent the ideas and the emotions that are surrounding us at a particular moment. When we communicate with people who are away from us, we simply send them a text message or an email. However, sometimes we are not really fully able to express what we want to say to them. But because of the existence of the emoji, it has become much easier for us to inform them of what we truly feel. These little icons and images provide us with a variety of choices ranging from facial expressions, symbols, food, animals, flags, and several other objects that are most commonly used in our everyday life.

The term emoji originally means pictograph. They are basically ideograms or smileys that are used when we communicate online. Aside from that, they are also considered as the new-age hieroglyphic language perhaps because they are a mixture of symbols and picture and because at times, there are people who do not understand or are confused by what they mean or represent.

Although they are built in or pre-installed in the device, there are still instances when we do not find the icon that we are looking for from the list available. If ever this happens, you can easily download an application online which consists of several other emoji’s that are not found in your device. In this way, you can have bigger and better options to be used in messaging.

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