Is it difficult for you to express how you really feel when sending text messages or emails? Are you having a hard time telling people your ideas through electronic communication? Then perhaps, we have the solution for that.

The emoji are images that are most often used in electronic messages and web pages. It is basically a picture, an icon or an image which represents feelings or emotion, signs and symbols, and various other objects which can be very helpful in formulating your messages. They have become a very important item in our daily exchange of text messages and emails.

With the use of the emoji, it has become an easier task for us to express and show what we feel and what ideas we have in mind. Instead of just sending a plain and boring text, these images and icons have given us the chance to make our messages more meaningful and more personal. For example, when we are happy and delighted, we can include a smiling face or if the person we are communicating with is sad then we can also express our sympathy by sending a sad face or let them know that we care for them by sending an image of a flower or we can express our approval by sending a thumb’s up or an ok icon. These are just a few examples of what emoji’s can do.

The emoji has definitely improved our way of online communication. That despite being far apart, we are still able to express our emotions through a variety of digital images that are built into our devices.

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